Strategy, branding, and activation

At Heldergroen, we work with our clients to realise an ideal world, every day. We do so by creating positive movement through brand communication. We make your story visible, relatable, sellable, and scalable using strategy, branding, and activation.



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Our services:


  • Brand positioning
  • Marketing communication strategy


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand campaign
  • Storytelling and content
  • Online platform


  • Activation campaign
  • Internal branding and in-company training
  • Online succes

Inspiration sessions



Brand positioning, marketing, and communication


Your ideal shapes a mission that gives value and meaning. A mission that intrinsically inspires, connects, and moves people. To explore your ideals, we begin with an Ideal World Session where we take a critical look at your brand and organisation. We determine your place in the market and in society, and use this as a starting point for the development of a distinct brand identity.




Your ideal
is your greatest asset




Brand identity, campaign, storytelling


Together, we uncover what lies at the core of your brand in the form of a brand manifesto: an inspirational phrasing of your brand mission, a guiding principle for management and employees, and a touchstone for brand activities. Based on this manifesto, we develop a discernible and tangible brand identity, with a distinct and contemporary design and tone-of-voice suitable to your mission, and with real market prominence. Translated into relevant offline and online resources. Possibly expanded with a (new) name, logo, and/or package design and, where desired, documented in an accessible Brandbook. This way, we build on a valuable brand with a strong basis for all your communications.







Activation, internal branding, in-company training


To realise your ideal, you will want to actively commit as many people to your brand as possible, and to motivate those people. Because they, the ones inside and outside of your organisation, are the people who shape your brand. To that end, we develop activation campaigns that ensure maximum impact and (free) publicity. To increase brand recognition of products and services, numbers of fans or donators, and sales. In addition to the external, we also develop internal branding in-company training, mini-campaigns, workshops and games and to measure, all designed to ensure your employees can internalise the mission and mentality of your brand and organisation – and become its propagators.



Positive movement
for your brand




Sander Veenendaal
inspirational speaker


“It is my dream to help realise an enlightened society in which people and brands discover their own potential to heal humanity and the planet. As a creative brand strategist and entrepreneur, I create a positive impact on society by working with the simple fact that people, brands, markets, society and nature as a whole are intimately connected. Helping people experiencing this fact -with meaningful strategy and stories- leads to more job happiness, health, abundance, trust and love.”
– Sander Veenendaal, founder Heldergroen.



This is how I make
my ideal
the new normal


What is your story?

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