Life is not a desk

We are Heldergroen

We are Heldergroen – in English ‘Bright Green’. A communication agency near Amsterdam that works for brands that strive for a more sustainable way of living, working and doing business.

Have you seen our desks that go up every night? We’ve become famous for it. But life is not a desk. Strangely enough most products and services around the world we use are being created behind a desk… And let’s be honest. Sometimes it works quite well, a desk. But hey, a desk is just a part of life. Not the other way around. Don’t forget to play. To go outside. To breathe. And wonder.

Why shouldn’t desks go up after you finish work so that you’ll have a playground for inspirational initiatives such as yoga, biological cooking courses or nightclubbing? And as some would say: ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Why wouldn’t you build your office out of trash such as old car wrecks and create a whole new story from it?’

We build brands the way we’ve built our office. And we look at branding, storytelling and design as a way to give meaning or even purpose to organizations and their stakeholders. We don’t call it advertising. We call it magnetising.

It might sound a little crazy or highbrow but it isn’t. We just believe in what we do and work for brands that try to make the world a little better. And brighter.

What is your story?

Call us at +31 23 8200 250 or mail to inspiration@heldergroen.nl

Koffie of thee bij je cookies? Bel of kom langs en wij zorgen dat het klaarstaat! Wij maken graag kennis met duurzame merken. Onze digitale cookies gebruiken we om onze informatie zo goed mogelijk op jou af te stemmen. Hier kun je lezen welke gegevens we bewaren, waarvoor ze gebruikt worden en met wie we ze delen.